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I wrote this for my fans and those moved by my work & art. Those who discovered me online from 2011 to 2024, you’ve transformed my life, and hopefully, I've impacted yours. It's been an incredible journey. For newcomers, this might not resonate, but long-time followers, this is for you—to share my authentic story and pivotal moments up to now.

Born in Haleiwa, Hawaii, known for its beaches and surf but remote and tranquil, I come from humble beginnings. My mom and backpacking dad met here; their simple, free-spirited lives led to mine starting in 1995. Tragically, I nearly didn't survive birth, a wrapped umbilical cord around the neck left me without a pulse,but a miraculous recovery on the last attempt i was brough back to life. Despite their split when I was a toddler, my parents maintained a peaceful coexistence throughout my upbringing.

Growing up in Hawaii was paradoxical; its natural riches belied limited local opportunities. Early on, I was introspective, often exploring nature or retreating to the computer. Life threw a curve when my mom battled cancer and my dad’s business faltered; I dropped out of school at 13. Amidst these trials, I discovered photography, capturing the adventures that became my refuge and purpose.

Tragically, cancer claimed my mom at 16. This profound loss marked a rebirth; the adventurous, curious Jay you know emerged. Self-taught and propelled by grief, photography became my lens to the world. I started back in 2011 when not many were thinking about social media & creating videos & story lined ideas. My work would slowly grow & with it came opportunity, starting with works trips around the world such as Tahiti and Greece & many others, this would only lead to fueling my desire to break free from island confines & small town mentality.

My camera became my voice, sharing a narrative of freedom, youth, and beauty across the globe. "Dream world," my first project, introduced me to a larger following and views—a surreal and unexpected lifestyle shift. My content sought to encapsulate and romanticize life beyond conventional paths, & to this day I continue to do so & try to push my limits in creativity and ideas alike.

Throughout my journey, I’ve explored diverse cultures, embraced numerous ways of learning & living, and experimented with many different experiences, leading to significant self-discovery and a departure from a smaller life I’ve once known. I cherish the connections and experiences I’ve gained from all this online success but remain open to one day walking away from this digital life.

Perhaps it was timing, luck, hard work, or just the right time & place but life has turned out to be something more special than I could imagine. I encourage all those who have seen my work and followed me over the years to always remain optimistic & with curious eyes for this life. Each new chapter holds infinite possibilities for those who dare to dream and follow their inner fire.

More than a Billion views across my content and more than a decade later, I would like to simply say Thank you for being a part of my story. You guys really changed my entire life for ever.

With Love always,


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